Have you ever felt that you have to choose between your career success and staying true to your values?  

If so, you are not alone.  Most professionals experience this tension acutely at various points in their career, and in small doses on a daily basis.  In the short-term, it can be easier to ignore this tension and pursue one at the expense of the other.  In the long-term this leaves you feeling out of sync and inhibits you from reaching your leadership potential.

Balancing these two objectives is like trying to walk a tightrope!

It’s hard enough just to stand upright without swaying clumsily from one extreme to another.  One moment working long hours, and the next turning down opportunities to protect your personal life.  One moment caught up in office politics, and the next disengaging entirely.  One moment asserting authority over colleagues, and the next longing to feel more connected.  It can seem impossible to keep your balance.  And yet, with courage, patience, and a willingness to experiment you can learn how to steady your muscles, focus your instincts, and walk confidently across the rope.

The more you walk the tightrope, the more natural it becomes…  

Through practice, you are able to develop a skill that you could not conceive of previously.  As you meet other Tightrope Walkers you learn from their example, their stories, their insights.  Together, you become a source of mutual support.  Your conviction grows that it is possible to be successful without compromising your values, and you become a source of inspiration to those around you.

At the Centre of Synchronous Leadership, this journey is core to our practice.  

As a leadership consultancy and think tank, we aspire to align our own success as a business with our vision for a flourishing system.  Much of our practice consists of supporting leaders and organisations on a similar journey – such that they are more in sync with their own values and the needs of the wider system.  We offer customised packages of coaching, training, public speaking and diagnostic tools designed to get results.

We are committed to leaving a legacy of awareness, insight, and empowerment through our research and thought leadership.  

We seek to understand the tension professionals feel between achieving career success and staying true to their values, the factors contributing to this, the systemic implications, and strategies for transcending this tension.  Findings and insights from our research have been featured at the World Economic Forum, in HR Magazine, and at numerous international conferences.

Our signature programme, Walk the Tightrope, provides leaders with access to a proprietary toolkit based on years of working with senior executives.

Participants learn how to reframe their understanding of organisational power dynamics such that they experience less conflict with their personal values.  With this new lens they reassess their career goals, their approach to navigating office politics, and their way of being as a leader.  By working through practical examples and experimenting in between sessions, they build new muscles for Tightrope Walking.

Upon completion of the programme, participants are able to join our community of Tightrope Walkers.

This community convenes at least twice a year for the Inspire Like a Man, Lead Like a Woman series.  These interactive sessions provide an opportunity to:

  • Work through live case examples from a diverse group of sector leaders
  • Tap into the collective wisdom and creativity of the Tightrope Walker community
  • Connect with others who share a similar vision for their career

We invite you to join us on this journey in whatever way feels right for you.  

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, working with us, or applying for a spot on our course – please e-mail us at info@synchronousleadership.com.