Chris Bird

General Counsel & Company Secretary at Wellcome Trust

  • Tightrope Walker
  • Commentator on "Preparing for Multiple Scenarios"

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Walk the Tightrope Cohort:  Autumn 2019

I am responsible for:  Ensuring that Wellcome is well-governed and acts legally, ethically, and in line with regulatory obligations.

I am passionate about:  Serving as an ally for diversity and helping to amplify the voices of those who are at risk of being overlooked.

What I value most about the Tightrope Walker community:  The insight and inspiration I gain from tapping into diverse perspectives and from CSL’s thought leadership. 

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New head of legal Wellcome Trust 10/2016
Do scholarly publishers need a creative un-commons? Social Science Space 08/2014
Researchers opt to limit uses of open-access publications Nature 02/2013
Book review European Science Editing 08/2012

  • What did you take away from CSL’s Mindful Exclusion research on governance and belonging?
  • What has been your experience of CSL?

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