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CSL Changemaker since:  2020

Walk the Tightrope Speaker Cohort:  LLAW 2013

I am responsible for:  Management and Strategy, as a member of the Plc Board, along with Finance and Technology at Bloomsbury Publishing.

I am passionate about:  Defining success in a way that is motivating and has meaning, and creating a work environment where there are high levels of trust, care and performance.  

What I value about CSL:  The cutting-edge insight that they bring to the leadership field and the diversity of leaders they assemble.

  • Judge for Women of the Future Programme since 2011
  • Treasurer for Royal Cruising Club since 2014
  • How did your parents role model success?
  • How did you find school / university?
  • What was your initial experience of corporate life?
  • How did you reconnect with your values?
  • What was one of your most challenging dilemmas?
  • How did you deal with having an unethical boss?

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