The Inspire Like a Man, Lead Like a Woman series has been running since 2012.  During this time, it has featured over 40 sector leaders including Helena Morrissey – Founder of the 30% Club, Ken Olisa – Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, Sacha Romanovitch – CEO of Grant Thornton, Andrew Hooke – COO of PA Consulting, and Nupur Mallick – Head of Human Resources for TCS.

The Tightrope Walkers

2017 marks the official launch of our membership scheme for Tightrope Walkers.

Prior to this, we had established an exclusive community of leaders who attended our Inspire Like a Man, Lead Like a Woman seminars.  We are transitioning to a formal package in order to cultivate greater levels of trust, commitment, and connectivity in the community such that we can act as a force for good in the City of London.

Members of this community have been through a rigorous screening process that includes:

  • Selection to go on the Walk the Tightrope programme based on application or referral by a sector leader – the main criteria is that they are a mid-to-senior level manager deemed as worthy of more power
  • Successful completion of the Walk the Tightrope programme, in a way that demonstrates an appetite for learning and the courage to share their experience so that others can benefit
  • Commitment to an ongoing journey of tightrope walking, supporting others within the community, and catalysing cultural change in the City of London

Our community sessions are spread throughout the year, and fall into three categories:

  1. Translation Workshops – where Tightrope Walkers sharpen their balancing toolkit and discuss the successes and challenges they have faced in translating the concepts from the programme to life.
  2. Community Seminars (Inspire Like a Man and Lead Like a Woman) – where Tightrope Walkers gain a new perspective on a relevant topic through a series of live case studies from inspiring sector leaders.
  3. Changemaker Forums – where Tightrope Walkers broaden their horizons and make new connections by engaging in a shared learning experience with societal Changemakers.

Here is the schedule of sessions for 2017:

  1. March 1st – Translation Session, hosted by Ian Ahlberg at The Financial Ties
  2. May 2nd – Community Seminar (Inspire Like a Man), held at The Honourable Artillery Company
  3. June 30th – Changemakers Forum, held at St Etheburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
  4. September 24th – Translation Session, hosted by Charis Evans at The Governance Institute
  5. November 18th – Community Seminar (Lead Like a Woman), held at Gray’s Inn