About Elias Westerdahl

Elias Westerdahl is a Consultant at the Centre for Synchronous Leadership. He serves as Cofacilitator and Principal Coach for the Walk the Tightrope programme and has helped numerous middle managers and senior executives to achieve significant career and leadership breakthroughs.

Aside from coaching, Elias designs and co-facilitates team and organisational interventions and conducts research on business trends relating to leadership, diversity, sustainability, and wellbeing. He played a leading role in the interview process for CSL’s Mindful Exclusion research on the effectiveness of grassroots organisational change agents. This included one of the largest qualitative studies of employee network leaders / sponsors and diversity leads of major organisations in the UK.

Elias is also an active contributor to several grassroots initiatives with a meaningful impact on society. He serves as Judge for the PRECIOUS Awards, founded over a decade ago to celebrate the professional achievements of women of colour in the UK, and is Deputy Patron of Bright Stars (a charity supporting young people with autism).

Elias has a BSc in Business and Environmental Studies from the University of Hertfordshire with first-class honours and a coaching diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching.