The Walk the Tightrope Programme

Discover the journey to power with integrity!

Join forces with like-minded leaders from diverse sectors and gain access to a proprietary toolkit based on years of working with senior executives.

Next WtTR Programme - October 15th

Our Walk the Tightrope programme returns in the Spring.  We are excited to be hosted by:

  • Ramkumar Chandrasekaran, HR Director at Tata Consultancy Services
  • Perry Burton, Senior Partner and Head of People & Culture at Grant Thornton
  • Angela Clist, Senior Partner and Global Co-Head of The Financial Institutions Group at Allen & Overy

We will be using their stories to bring the concepts to life and inspire participants to see new realms of possibility within their own career journey.

For more information, e-mail us at

Next WtTR Course - October 28-29th

We are looking forward to another potent Walk the Tightrope Course which will this time hosted at Tata Consultancy Services, by Jennifer Stanzl – Head Of Talent Management UK&I.

For more information, e-mail us at

WtTR Community - Translation Session - September 9th

The purpose of our translation sessions is to refresh our understanding of core WtTR concepts and sharpen our skill in translating these concepts to everyday challenges.

We are excited to be hosted at The Governance Institute by Charis Evans, Director of Business Development.

These events are exclusively available to CSL Tightrope Walkers.

WtTR Community - Leadership Seminar - November 18th

This bi-annual evening seminar will take place on Friday November 18th at Gray’s Inn.  We will once again be featuring live case studies from three women who, in addition to being inspiring human beings, are also sector leaders.  In the Spring we feature three men using the same format.

These events are exclusively available to participants in the Walk the Tightrope Programme, members of our community, former speakers from this series, clients, and a handful of specially invited participants.

WtTR Finale Event - November 27th

We are looking forward to be hosted at Linklaters by Daniel Danso, Global Diversity Manager.

Come learn about the Walk the Tightrope initiative and listen to members of the latest cohort tell you about their journey.

If you are at the early-to-mid stages of your career and work in a corporate environment, feel free to e-mail your interest in attending to  This event is part of our commitment to encouraging the next generation of talent to consider a new narrative of leadership.  We also welcome members of our extended community, including alumni and former speakers.

Those who contribute to our survey on perceptions of power in the workplace will receive free entry into this event.  The latest results from this survey will be shared at the start of the session, followed by a discussion of their implications.

CSL Annual Dinner - January 2020

CSL Tightrope Walkers and other Walk the Tightrope alumni will have the opportunity to connect with the Centre for Synchronous Leadership’s larger ecosystem of change at this fun, engaging and informative black tie dinner.  For more information, e-mail us at

Programme Objectives

The Walk the Tightrope programme is designed to help you:

  • Define a vision for your career that is energising, realistic, and enables you to leave a legacy
  • Create a personal brand that increases your market value, whilst remaining authentic
  • Understand the “rules of the game” and learn what it means to transcend them
  • Hold boundaries in a way that increases (rather than decreases) trust and connection
  • Increase your effectiveness as both a leader and changemaker

You are likely to find this programme especially useful if you are:

  • Entering a new stretch role
  • Itching to take your career to the next level
  • Experiencing office politics or negative bias
  • Seeking to feel more aligned with your values at work
  • Returning from parental leave
  • Managing a team under pressure
  • Considering a career transition
  • Approaching your 50th birthday
Programme Design

We offer one shorter course and one longer programme.  Those who complete the WtTR Programme will have the opportunity to become members of our exclusive leadership community.

Module Descriptions

Module I:  Redefining Ambition

  • The nature of the tightrope
  • Iterative visioning
  • Rethinking personal brand

Module II:  Redefining Politics

  • The flow of power
  • Noticing ego gremlins
  • Transcending the game

Module III:  Redefining Leadership

  • Trust, conflict, and feedback
  • Mindful exclusion
  • Stepping into your power as a changemaker
Finale Video
Community Video